Langtauferer Hof, South Tyrol, Italy

Alpine location and clear mountain air
High alpine enjoyment in a 4-star hotel in Obervinschgau
The Langtaufererhof is situated on a hill between the hamlets of Graun and Melag at 1,870 metres above sea level in the rear Langtauferer valley. In the midst of this impressive high mountain landscape, our mountain refuge is an ideal starting point for extended hikes and ski tours. The mighty peaks of the Weißkugel (3,739 m) and Weißseespitze (3,526 m) at the end of the valley are within reach.
The happiness of this Obervinschger side valley with its centuries-old hamlets lies in its remoteness. Today, the sparsely populated high valley is considered one of the most pristine valleys in the Eastern Alps. The alpine location of the 4-star Hotel Langtaufererhof is ideal for ski touring in winter as well as for hiking and top athletes in summer, who find ideal training conditions due to the lower air pressure. And all those who simply seek relaxation and contemplation, as well as allergy sufferers, enjoy the crystal clear, allergen- and pollen-poor mountain air.